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Cheque Discounting Services in Kenya

We discount cheques presented to us by customers drawn on reputable organisations and confirmed with the drawers and/or the drawer’s bank. The discounting is with recourse to the customer. Cheque discounting enables you to access cash for your business requirements while you await for your cheque(s) to clear.

Requirements to Discount a Cheque

We require the following information from the contractor(awardee):

  • Cheques must be drawn on reputable institutions with no record of past unpaid cheques from the drawer
  • The cheque MUST be current
  • Payee must be the LEGAL holder of the cheque either as an individual or a company; proof should be presented through National ID / Passport or Company Legal Documents if payee is a company.

Why us

Here's why you should cash your cheques with us

Quick Service

We understand that time is money. That is why we try and smoothline our cheque discounting process to ensure you are served in the shortest time possible.

Dedicated Team

Our experienced team will ensure that you get served in the best way possible.